Sunday, January 28, 2007

Deletions, for real.

In this post, we'll be documenting pedoblogs which have been shut down. The people responsible for having them shut down are many and various, antis from all walks of life. :)


Blogger Stephen said...

I love your site! Seems few actually care about the sorry state our children are in. If you get a chance check out the exposure of a pedophile ring in Italy. Executives with RAI TV decided to air graphic excerpts of children and infants being sexually abused and some were even used for the purpose of snuff films, anyway, the execs were fired. Seems the viewers (btwn. 7 and 11 million) felt violated by the images. Gee! wonder how the kids must have felt. I personally applaud the actions of those responsible for the airing as apathy is the enemy of us all and as long as we continue to bury our heads in the sand our children will continue to be abused,tortured and yes, even killed for the purposes of entertainment. One more thing, saw a movie the other day worth checking out regarding pedophilia, it's called "Hard Candy" and it was excellent.


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